Silk Story Pillow Inner

Silk Story Pillow Inner

$245.00 NZD $199.00 NZD

Silk Bedding for a Lifetime of Luxury.

Our luxury silk pillow is filled with 100% pure mulberry silk floss wrapped around a polyfibre core, to give the perfect loft. Covered in a high thread count cotton sateen cover makes them sumptuously smooth.  

Why choose silk?

Ultra soft and light - Breathable and absorbent - Resistant to dustmites and housemites - Naturally Hypoallergenic - Silk fibers never break down or disintegrate - Health Promoting and benefits to skin and hair - Ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers - 100% natural and organic

Dimensions: 74cm x 47cm

The Silk Story range also comes in Duvet Inners and Mattress Toppers.

Combine your new pillow with one of our luxurious pure silk pillowcases.

Manufacturer: Harrowset Hall